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Jun 29, 2020

I had no idea that I had a fear around success until recently. Growing up, I watched my dad have massive success in his business, and then lost it all in a heartbeat. So I was afraid that it would happen to me too. 

In this episode, I take you through how I overcame my fear of success. It only takes a simple perspective...

Jun 23, 2020

I'll be honest with you, I'm sick of hearing these fitness myths.

Maybe you've heard that you are supposed to eat 30 minutes after you workout, or else you will lose all your muscle. Or you've thought that the more you workout, the faster you will get results. Or someone told you that squatting is bad for your knees,...

Jun 22, 2020

I finally had a breakthrough moment, where I came to terms with my mom's death, after the past 3 years of wondering why this happened. In this episode, I take you through how I was able to finally find closure with this tragic event, and why I'm no longer afraid of death.


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Jun 15, 2020

Back at the beginning of my fitness journey, I remember that I always felt hungry, even when I ate pretty frequently. So I was constantly snacking throughout the day.

In this episode, I break down the 4 possible reasons why you might always be hungry. Let me know if any of these resonated with you!


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Jun 12, 2020

Have you ever wondered why people cheat on their partners, even when that's something they previously said they would NEVER do? In this episode, I explain, in just 13 minutes, why people cheat, even when it is out of alignment with their values.

I also discuss how to make ANY relationship (or friendship) work. It's...